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  Top 10 Export Markets for Virginia’s Cyber Security Industry

Published: July 1, 2014

Virginia is an industry hub of cyber security companies. With the increase in cyber-attacks on the private sector and government agencies around the world, there are great opportunities for Virginia’s cyber security firms to export their products, services and technology, to governments in different countries.

Cyber security is the new wave in the defense industry, with sales expected to explode. Many defense firms are expanding into this area, as it is quickly becoming a top priority for many governments around the world. Defense budgets are being increased to include cyber security as cyber-attacks target state-owned energy companies in the Middle East or attempt to infiltrate the systems of U.S. agencies daily.

In partnership with George Mason University, this report presents overviews of the top 10 markets for U.S. cyber security exports. Each of the markets listed below offer the best opportunities to exporters from Virginia.

Top 10 Markets for U.S. Cyber Security Exports

1 Saudi Arabia View Summary Download Report
2 United Arab Emirates (UAE) View Summary Download Report
3 Qatar View Summary Download Report
4 Kuwait View Summary Download Report
5 South Korea View Summary Download Report
6 Brazil View Summary Download Report
7 Japan View Summary Download Report
8 United Kingdom View Summary Download Report
9 Australia View Summary Download Report
10 Indonesia View Summary Download Report


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