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  Security and Defense Industry in the United Arab Emirates

Published: April 26, 2016

This report covers the following topics related to the security and defense industry in the United Arab Emirates:

  • Current factors impacting military spending
    • Impact of regional geopolitical situation
    • Impact of extremely low oil prices
    • The economic trends related to the defense industry
  • UAE defense budget for 2016
  • Defense procurement
    • UAE military sales model a: sub to price
    • UAE military sales model b: third party integrator
    • UAE military sales model c: commercial representative or distributor
    • Sponsor/partner or free zone
  • The UAE security and defense structure
    • The supreme council for national security (SCNS)
    • Ministry of defense
    • UAE ministry of interior
  • Tawazun economic council
    • Background information
    • Offsets explained
    • Examples of offsets
  • UAE national defense companies council
  • Emirates defense industry company (EDIC)
    • EDIC subsidiaries
  • Security and defense trade shows

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