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  Virginia Manufacturers Association Joins Virginia International Trade Alliance

Sets 50% Growth Goal for Manufacturing Exports by 2025
July 15, 2015

The Virginia Manufacturers Association joined Governor Terry McAuliffe today to announce the creation of the Virginia International Trade Alliance (VITAL). VITAL expands the Commonwealth’s international trade program through formalized partnerships with a select group of Virginia’s public universities and business associations. The VMA also released its new International Economic Affairs Policy setting a goal of increasing manufactured goods exports by 50% ($8 billion) by 2025.

Speaking about today’s announcement, Governor McAuliffe said, “International trade is key to creating private sector jobs and building a new Virginia economy that is less reliant on our federal government. We are committed to helping Virginia businesses succeed in the international marketplace.”

VITAL will build upon Virginia’s proven export assistance programs, including tailored market research, face-to-face meetings with qualified partners overseas, the award-winning Virginia Leaders in Export Trade (VALET) program and official trade missions across the globe.

“The VMA is committed to expanding manufacturing exports 50% by 2025. VITAL is an integral resource for small and medium companies to expand their export sales and open new markets for existing industries – we are proud to be a founding partner,” said Brett Vassey, President and CEO, VMA. VMA Chairman, Rob Hogan (NNS); VMA Vice Chairman, Scott Tilley (STIHL) and VMA Board Member Mark Every participated in today’s announcement.

As a VITAL partner, the VMA will help member companies grow their international sales through accessing world-class marketing research, official trade missions and trade shows. The VMA will also collaborate with state universities to identify companies that need international research to position them for global expansion. The major goals of VITAL include:

  • Grow Virginia exports by $1.6 billion in 5 years.
  • Create 14,000 trade-supported jobs in 5 years.
  • Increase the number of companies enrolled in Virginia’s international trade programs to 390 per year.

To apply for a VITAL grant to participate in official trade shows, trade missions or obtain customized market research, contact thefuture@vamanufacturers.com.


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